Being the Bold You


Who do you think you are? Why do you think so highly of yourself? People will ask you questions like that. When someone come to you with these questions you almost don’t want to read them, but you have to. You have to be the Bold You if they are bold enough to ask then they need to be brave enough to hear your response. Who do I think that I am? That is the wrong question, I think you intended to ask, who do I know that I am? I am the God fearing anointed one that is taking charge of what is mines. Why do you think so highly of yourself? I am where God placed me, and I chose to know it and operate in my position. Becoming who you are has been a journey from day one, through all the victories and the defeats. The greatest part of your most painful lessons were the ones that made you most vigilant about life and now you refuse to take less than what God has promised you. Being bold is a right, it is confidence that the wounds of wars, the scars of battles and the stabs of the fights are your survivor marks. No matter how you obtained yours you have them as clear evidence that you have been in some aggressive situation. When you have the ability to walk in authority of your boldness you show that your war, battle or fights marks were not in vain. Who are you? You are the result of the circumstances. The circumstances wanted to produce a failure, insecurity, low self-esteem and self-pity but because you did not allow it to be used against you, it turned into victory, security, confidence and advantage.