Best Friends


A “Best Friend” is becoming a word that is not as popular as it used to be. Women use the phase acquaintances or associates, friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. What was once valued as friendship has been lost to deceit, self-gain, envy and jealousy. When a woman says that you are a friend that should carry weight and mean something. Best Friend falls in the category of blood born into a family, like your biological sister or brother. The characteristics that should be evident in friendship are: affection, kindness, love, virtue, honesty, loyalty, mutual understanding, compassion, sympathy, trust and empathy, and the ability to be express your feelings, be yourself, and make mistakes without fear of judgement. Before when the word friend meant something, and it was used there were unspoken things that women just knew, lines were not crossed. There were boundaries where women knew they could not say or do things against a friend of someone. Where has that gone? We should be women that we defend our friends when another woman is coming against them. No one should have the right to defame your friend in your presence. Often times women will know that you are friends and will say things to see what you will do or say. And you should give them a response, your reaction should be, That’s My Best Friend! And let them know this is not gonna go down like this. Everyone should have a “Best Friend” and if you are fortunate enough, you could have a couple. A “Best Friend” is the one that can see the real you when life has ripped you a part and you need their special touch to resuscitate you back to the place that you need to be. Take the time to restore the friendships that may be lacking the attention and pour what is needed back into them because friendship is a great investment. Friends how many of us have them? Friends we can depend on? Make sure that you are a true friend and establish your relationship.