From Fairytale to Reality


A Dream is truly a Wish your heart makes… I don’t know about each of you, but I Am A Dreamer. For as long as I can remember I’ve dreamed and envisioned the day I would go from Ms. to Mrs. The excitement of being married and walking down the aisle would often give me butterflies. Well on Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 I became one step closer to my Dream becoming my Reality when he asked, “will you marry me”! I was very shocked and excited when it happened because truly, I was ready to marry the love of my life and be the love of his! I called up my family and friends and the wedding planning was well on the way. Date was decided, my bridal team was chosen, and deposits were made!! October 26, 2019 here I come!! If I can be totally honest somewhere between us getting to know each other and the idea of spending the rest of our lives together things begin to get rocky. I thought to myself this can’t be happening to me…I have the ring that I desired, the man I felt God had for me and excited because I’m the last of my parents 4 girls that is about to say “I Do” and start my very own family!! Well on Sunday, March 24, 2019 I found myself letting my family and friends know there will be no wedding. I had placed a comma where God placed a period. See what one must realize is that there are ups and down in any relationship, but love can truly conquer all. I recall one night lying in bed and I just begin to start praying about this man and my exact words to God was if this is not the person that I am supposed to be with please show me, make it clear, and I promise I will obey! Well God spoke and I knew obedience is way greater than sacrifice. I often share with others be very careful of what you pray and ask God for and make sure you are ready to receive the answer. See I could have been disobedient by making all kind of excuses of why we should get married. Although, I desired to get married and be with him, my desire to please God and be led by Him is far greater!! Only God knows what the future holds. Well on today I come to encourage and let someone know that you don’t have to stay there your peace of mind is way more important than anything you could ever desire. Sometimes we may think we are right for each other, but God always knows best! Remember His plans are always better than the plan we choose for ourselves! No matter the obstacles you face continue to have Faith in your Dreams and someday the Dream that you wish will come true.

By Wykeshia Glass

The Facts Matter! What I love about this story is that when a woman can be honest and unashamed to say “I am waiting and unashamed” that is women that has power and courage. We as women look forward to that special person coming into our lives. We must be willing to listen to God and not just our own desires when comes to really wanting to know is he the “Right One.” Accepting less just to be able to say you have someone or to be able to not look like you lost will eventually cause you to lose out on a lot. You are just that special and you deserve the BEST. It may take a little longer than the women before you but that does not make your situation any less special or less worthy of celebrating. God is the redeemer of time He will restore anything lost. See the signs and know your value so that your Fairytale can come true!