Having The SWAG


Stuff Women All Got

SWAG is your confidence and originality. Your Swag allows you to be happy with yourself and your own abilities.  You will appreciate who you are as an individual, embrace your femininity and be proud to be the gorgeous self scientific woman that you are.  Swag demeanor is heightened by the Jewels that you possess. Having Swag is not just about how you dress it is your way of life, how you think and how you treat others.

Be Confident. Strut in the room with your head up, posture straight and own it. Wherever you are look like you want to be there, you should look like you are exactly where you want to be. Know you look good; don’t over examine your look it will make you see flaws and you will not be happy. Trust in the woman that you are.

Love Your Body. Whether you are a thick chic, medium chic or slider chic love you, curves and all. You don’t have to have the perfect body to know that you are unique. Accept the things about you or make the necessary changes you need to make to get you to a place of happiness. Do not hide your fabulous self. Your body is the vehicle that will get you to the places in your life that you need to go. Take care of your body and show your body the love and care that it needs to be healthy.

Be Friendly. Show yourself friendly to everyone. Know when to listen, when to talk, when to show warmth and compassion to others. You will be able to move in many areas and meet new people when you are friendly. Learn to strike a conversation with people you don’t know.

Be Unbothered With What People Think. When you have SWAG then people will see the authentic joy that you have and be happy for you. You don’t have to be mean or catty, your definition of beauty is your standard not others. Do you Boo.

Be Cute. We women all have bad days but be very conscious of how you leave the house, be on CUTE ALERT at all times. Being pretty is not hard when you have mastered Being Confident, Loving Your Body, Being Friendly and Being Unbothered With What People Think. Being cute will become a part of your daily life.

SWAG is the Stuff Women All Got so use it. As Jewels your bag is full of things that are great assets to your life. Live your best life with your SWAG and own it.