Ownership in Another Woman’s Value


Will women live life with the notion that it all about “ME” or will women recognize that we are stronger together? Can you envision yourself as a woman of substance, influence, power and conviction? Women are nurtures by nature, that is a built-in mechanism, a quality that makes us so awesome. When you begin to embrace that fact, you will be able to walk fiercely through life and not alone but with your sisters. Empowering another woman can take courage and it can also be scary because you may have to face some insecurities about yourself. That is what it is all about, being able to be women that are vulnerable to each other and still be able to give of ourselves the affirmation, compliments, encouragement and support that another women needs when they need it. The facts are no woman has it all together no matter how she comes off. The facts are no woman has it all together no matter how she comes off. We as women need to take ownership in the value of another woman to be accountable that she makes it, that she is successful, that she does not fall by the way-side and that she is confident enough to look at her wall and either climb it, knock it down or go around it. Ownership in another woman is not being her boss, dictating her life but assisting her in being the best woman she can be by giving her sound advice because you love her. Ownership is legal right of possession, you have legal rights to the affirmation, compliments, encouragement and support because you built her on those qualities, you earned those. How did you learn how to be happy, to have joy and to smile? You purposed in your heart this is how you will be no matter what. So, that is what you own, your Jewels, your gifts. Women have to declare to take the sword of the Spirit to pray and intercede for other women so that they are covered when no one can be there personally, when no one can call or text, this way no woman will ever be left alone. When a woman value rises we will know that she is pulling up the next woman and when we gather we will have an army that is too numerous to count. We are better together.