Put Pressure On It!


Compressing The Word

Have you ever felt like what you are praying for or waiting for is taking forever? Promises, Purpose, Destiny, Desires and Dreams are waiting in time.
Lately I have been feeling like I wanted to speed time up to get to the things that I are waiting in time for me. I decided to put pressure on the Word and not let up until I get the results for the things that I know that are mine.
Putting Pressure on the Word is like taking a scripture and continually applying it to the problem, situation, circumstances or challenge. Let’s not just think it has to be a difficulty it can be a goal, an improvement or growth that you desire to see within yourself. You want to apply the Word until you eliminate any negative thing or receive the break through that you want to see.
So, how do you put “Pressure On The Word?”
1.    Quit doing what you’ve been doing.  If you KNOW the Word works– you can literally force the enemy or the circumstances to step aside!  The enemy or the situations has to obey you!! If you have a wound you apply pressure to stop the bleeding. The pressure will stop the flow. You have to power to stop anything that is unwanted.
2. Your life begins to change when you start paying the price for that change. It will COST something. Trust me, the pain will be worth the gain. Allow the pressure of change to take its course. Confirm God’s promises to you by confessing them from the Word. It is human nature to become discouraged at times but when that happens pray for a peace and a knowing to come over you which will bring assurance to let you know that the Pressure of the Word is working on your behalf.
3. Press yourself as you Press the Word. Be strong, positive and courageous. This instructions is clear. When you Press the Word by being strong in the face of obstacles and setbacks or courageous when the appearance of adversities are insurmountable you will be successful and always come out ahead.
4. Forget the odds or how bad things look and past sin know God is on your side. Have faith and be willing to take a chance on YOU. Instead of looking at the odds or what could go wrong focus on the great things that could happen and EXPECT them. You know that if sin really had it’s way in your life it would have destroyed you totally, but God’s grace and mercy covers you.
5. Pressing the Word God gives you revelation, directions and connections. You must know the WORD in order to apply it. Walk with confidence of the identity that matters the most….. the women He called you to be.

Don’t spent another second thinking less than anything but the best for yourself because that is the way God sees you.

Want the best for yourself.                       Expect the best for yourself.                          And get the best for yourself.

Put the Pressure of the Word on It and take the Pressure off of you.