The Power of Being UNBOTHERED


The Power of Being UNBOTHERED

UNBOTHERED when you are in-tuned with yourself and you have the ability to not let anything that people say stop you or effect your progress. Negativity and drama have no place in your life because you understand if you have negativity and drama you bring it.

In the world today there are so many things that can grab your attention. The things that usually throws people off their game are the things that other people say or do. I have learned one of the greatest words that keeps me focused on what my purpose is and what my goals are, the word is UNBOTHERED. You cannot and will not get far in life if you are bothered by any and everything that comes up against you. You have to learn to be unbothered by the conduct and viewpoints of people. There are so many unproductive things that are going on around you and it can have your attention.

Unbothered- not worried, not concerned, not annoyed, not getting upset or provoked.

  • You are not worried- When people tell you that something is not going to work for you, or it is a waste of your time because they tried it and it did not work for them. You must have faith and believe that all things will work in your favor.
  • You are not concerned- We all got this person on the job that work the hardest at trying not to do any work, take long breaks and gets away with breaking all the rules. Even though it can get under your skin, be unbothered.
  • You are not annoyed- the person that is so loud as if no one else in the room is having a conversation. The one who wants all the attention and will do whatever it takes to get it. Don’t trade your respect for attention. You have to be able to be centered in chaos.
  • You are not provoked- When people try to push your buttons. You can’t feed drama, when things want your attention you can’t look at it or speak on it just ignore it because once you feed it the appetite begins and the cravings start.

While everyone is complaining, talking about what ain’t right, whose doing what and why they are not where they should be you have to be unbothered by that so that you don’t miss out on any possible opportunities. Just because others can’t or didn’t do it has nothing to do with your abilities and determination. Opportunities can come in unpopular things.

Your state of mind impacts your power of being unbothered.

Unbothered Empowers Enables You to:

1) Hear- You hear different when you are not caught up in the chaos that is around you. When people say that you are acting funny, stuck up or anti-sociable they don’t understand that you are just minding your business, focused on power moves and being in tuned with yourself.

2) See- You will see things with a different perspective, everything cannot not stay negative. You need the power to be unbothered so that you can see where you want to be because if all you can see is the right now then you will always be bothered by the things you see.

3) Know- There is no need to gather a committee to vote on what you need to be doing when you have prayed and set your goals. You cannot tell your every move.

4) Win- In your quest to focused on you there will be a challenge when conquering a win. You are representing the fact that you are not afraid of what the unknown is and not bothered by the ones who tired and quit. You claim the victory before you even see the results in reality.

You have to understand who you are, like being who you are, you cannot be interesting in being anyone but you and be unbothered when the conditions of your surroundings don’t fit where you are going because you are on THE MOVE.

You can’t be in competition to things unproductive that you pay no attention to.