What is Your Bait?


What is Your Bait?

Bait is used to entice fish or other animals as prey.

Baiting is when someone deliberately acts in a way to elicit either an angry or emotional response from the person that they’re interacting with. The objective is usually to get the other person into an altercation in order to more easily turn the tables on them. It’s a tactic that’s used to gain advantage by getting a verbal response or action out of a person. The baiter is fully aware that they’re baiting, and the victim is often left confused, hurt and easily manipulated. Baiting is a primary distraction. Baiting takes up time that cannot be regained. Baiting causes the loss of focus. Baiting can cause the loss of money and incur ties to people or things that was not planned.

Have you ever had someone tell you something that requires your opinion? The only thing is they leave out certain information to get the answers or comment the way they want. That is called a baiter. They have baited you into something that you are not aware of. It can be hard to avoid that type of bait unless there is a pattern.

What are you attracted to? Bait can be people or things.  The people or things that can get your attention can be the things that can set you back or set you up for something bigger. This is the time for you to be making plans for greater and more, while making moves you have to be observant.

Signs of Baiting 

  • They accuse you of something based on what you said. This is designed to leave you off balance while the other person has already moved on to other ways to manipulate you.
  • They play on your emotions. This will elicit an emotion from you, the baiter wants to be able to manipulate a situation, and they need you in a particular state of mind.
  • They are and want to be the victim. If you find yourself in a situation where the other person deliberately elicited a response from you, but you’re still in the wrong, it’s a good sign that you’re being baited and they will never admit they are wrong.


  • Don’t take the bait. If you are not responding in action or words the baiter can’t get what they want.
  • Don’t argue or try to appeal to reasoning. Leave the room or negative surroundings.
  • Stay focused on what your plans are.
  • Change friends and environments. Don’t allow your free time to be consumed by baiters.

Understanding what baiting is, where it comes from, and how to handle it is the best way to deal with a situation in which someone is baiting you. Baiters can be the ones that you love, knowing how to properly handle situations will make the whole thing go more smoothly than if you rose to the bait.

“Do not bite at the bait of pleasure, till you know there is no hook beneath it.” – Thomas Jefferson