Whatcha Gonna Do Now?


Life can be one of those things where it can have you at a pause. Have you ever tried to figure out what you are you going to do next because you have been hit with life and you say I am just going to take a stab in the dark, I just don’t know? Why do we say that? If you are already wondering what, where, when and how, then why take a stab in the dark? Darkness is confusion, uncertainty, deceitful and not clear. I would suggest that you take a stab in the LIGHT. Being at the light has so many benefits to who you are, where you are going, when and how you will get there, all the useful answers you need can be found in the light. In the light, you are able to see with clarity even though life has thrown you a curveball. Who said that just because you received a curveball you cannot still stay in the game? Now that the curveball has be thrown, what will be your perspective of the curveball? The view of the curveball is the appearance to the eye and mind of situation in respect to it’s relative damage and position. Take a deep breath. Process your emotions because it depends on the situation whether you are scared, shocked, nervous, angry or guilty. Try to think of what you are going to say in prayer or to someone else, because if your emotions are not right you will use words from the dark place, remember you are in the light and in the light all positive things live. No matter what your situation is if you have the ability to verbalize what happened, you have the ability to verbalize a victorious outcome. Your words will begin to fix the curveball because your words will go before you to seek out the place where they can grow. Your words will be waiting on you in the future at the place that you sent them.